Victoria Reitz Interior Design is based in Toluca Lake, CA. Victoria has served as designer to clients in the entertainment industry, as well as, Silicon Valley. With her unique style and being able to design in any size space, Victoria has been featured in publications such as; California Homes, Angeleno Magazine, The Huffington Post, The Associated Press, LE Cite (Paris), Valley Magazine, Pasadena Magazine, The Los Angeles Times, The Style Network, and many other articles. Her proficiency and love of doing kitchens earned Victoria the cover of Spaces magazine in 2010, as well. She has also been a speaker for Bergamont Station and Dwell panel discussions.

 In 2008 Victoria designed her first room in the Greystone Mansion Showcase House.  This led her to become President of A.S.I.D. (American Society of Interior Designers), Los Angeles. In 2011 Victoria became President of A.S.I.D. During this time Victoria was the chair of Interior Design for the re-built Downtown Women’s Shelter In Los Angeles, Ca.

 Wanting to take a step ahead in 2013, Victoria produced the Greystone Mansion Showcase House and designed a room there. This led to a short, but fulfilling term on the Greystone Board of directors, Friends of Greystone, Beverly Hills. In 2016 Victoria, in conjunction with The City of Los Angeles, she will produce The Wattles Mansion Designer Showcase House, "Hollywood, The First 100 Years". Victoria Will also be designing a room for this showcase as well.

Victoria Reitz, CEO